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In Colorado, the Mesa Valley School District sent out emails to parents encouraging them to send their daughters to see a media presentation called, ‘Wake up Sleeping Beauty: Worship at his Feet’.  The idea behind this is that young girls should strive to be ‘pure’ in mind and spirit in order to be worthy of becoming a good wife.  The clear implication: the only proper role for females in society is to be subjugated in the home, subordinate to patriarchal rule.The good news: More than a few parents objected to their public schools being used to push this brand of conservative religious indoctrination.  Fortunately, in an era of broadly shared social media, keeping a lid on this kind of corrosive gender manipulation is becoming more and more difficult for those who believe the proper role for women is to be ‘barefoot and pregnant’.

Here is a link to the ‘raw story’ article … http://www.rawstory.com/2016/01/colorado-school-district-pushes-christian-purity-training-for-11-year-old-girls-to-find-future-husbands/



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