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March 9th, 2016 Posted by Uncategorized No Comment yet

A very worthwhile internet outreach project recently emerged called Project Consent. It’s focus is sexual intimacy and the teaching of consent as a mandatory part of the etiquette that goes with adult relationships.  (more…)


November 3rd, 2015 Posted by Uncategorized No Comment yet

Hundreds of sex workers, and sex positive citizens came together on September 20th in downtown Portland, Oregon for Slutwalk  2015.  Organized by our own Elle Stanger and Sterling Clark, this year’s event focused on the issue of ‘consent’.  The message: ‘Wherever we are, wherever we go, yes means yes, and no means no’ (more…)


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The international demonstration against victim blaming and slut shaming speaks to people in all walks of life, who refuse to perpetuate negativity or stigma regarding sex. Be straight, be gay, be pan, be queer, be trans, be asexual, be fat, Black, white, monogamous, poly, be yourself. Your body is your own, however you are.



July 16th, 2015 Posted by Uncategorized No Comment yet

Josy Jablons, a student at New York University, launched the Better Sex Project as a response to the need for unambiguous socio-sexual communication among college students.  We admire and support the messages she and her colleagues are sharing at NYU and other university campuses across the country. (more…)