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June 13th, 2016 Posted by News No Comment yet

This past weekend, mass gun violence was unleashed yet again. This time in Orlando, in a crowded night club. Something like 50 people, fellow human beings, murdered and an equal number injured by one extremist psychopath, armed with an assault rifle. The most casualties in a single gun incident in our nation’s history.


September 15th, 2015 Posted by Uncategorized No Comment yet

Today, New York Times bestselling author Naomi Klein, was joined by the distinguished Canadian naturalist, David Suzuki, and other celebrated Canadians, in announcing an initiative for their nation, they call, The Leap Manifesto. (more…)


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We are living in an era of unprecedented, global scale, cultural turbulence.     In America, the middle class has been eviscerated.  The rules of society are largely shaped by, and for a handful of billionaires.  Globally, we are seven billion plus humans,  rapidly exhausting our  Earth’s resources,  seriously risking  the planet’s  ability to provide. (more…)