Inspiring Sexual Tolerance



We must accept ourselves as biological creatures, capable of a broad range of healthy sexual expression. In recent decades, neuroscientists have unlocked the secrets of the brain. We know now that the bio-chemical circuitry in our heads is tuned to respond pleasurably to sex.  Put simply, we humans are hardwired to like it and want it. ‘Boys will be boys’ has long been a mantra that has reflected a general tolerance for male sexual assertiveness.  Women, on the other hand, have been subjugated for centuries, and treated as little more than vessels for child bearing.  Women who dared step out of the very dark shadow looming over them were given a scarlet label, or even in worst extreme, brutally made into fearsome example by being burned alive at the stake. In modern, developed societies, women have shaken off many of the limits that prevented them from achieving their full potential in earlier times.  These days, women’s voices are loud and clear. They  demand equal treatment and, more and more, they are getting it. One area where younger people, and young females in particular, remain in conflict with older generations is in how they express themselves by appearance and personal behavior. Female sexuality is a powerful force that has been almost entirely repressed since the invention of the wheel.  Not anymore. We live now in an era awash in sexual expression.  Forty percent of the traffic on the internet is sexual in nature, much of it extremely so. Religious conservatives and traditionalists are apoplectic about the rise of female power and sexual expression.  They are quick to apply ugly labels to any girl who chooses to express herself overtly, by what she wears and how she behaves.  Time for them to wake up.