For An Economy That Works For Everyone

In America, less than 160,000 families have more money than the other 316 million of us combined.    In other words, the top 0.1% of Americans have more wealth than the bottom 90% combined. Stunning, shameful, incredibly corrosive to our economy and our democracy… those are some words we would choose to describe this circumstance. Economics is pretty simple at its most basic.  Markets are a place where sellers come to deal with people who have the need to buy at least the necessities among all those things for sale. But, when the vast majority of people are no longer able to participate in that marketplace, because they have almost nothing to exchange for even basic needs like food, shelter, and healthcare; when that happens,  the entire idea of a marketplace collapses.    Sad to say, that is exactly what has marginalized the 99% in America today.  In effect, our economy is trapped in a malaise caused by a privileged fraction, who control most of the wealth. All of the political power in America has fallen into the hands of big bankers, bloated corporations, and the super-rich.  Until that changes,  nine out of ten of us will continue to get the very short end of the stick. A short You Tube video puts the ugly reality into stark respective.  According to the result of a poll,  Americans are haplessly  wrong when they guess how the wealth of the nation  is distributed among socio-economic levels.