Against Political Corruption and Voter Suppression



In the U.S., as in much of the rest of world, our economics and  our politics are entwined, at the most basic level.  Governance in America has been reduced to a viscerally corrupted plutocracy, shaped to benefit the rich and powerful, mostly to the exclusion of everyone else. Thanks to the overreach of the Supreme Court, politicians,  on every level,  are being massively corrupted by bad bankers, delusional billionaires, and big league corporatists.  America is governed by politicians that depend on the rich and powerful to get elected and stay in office.  It’s no wonder our laws and our public policies put special interests first, without regard to the common good. A handful of global media giants control the news that gets to us. Those giants have abdicated their responsibility. Instead of honest information, they feed their audiences a dodgy mix of half-truth, lies, and deception by omission. They put their rich and powerful advertisers ahead of the public interest. Thus, the American people have grown cynical about politics, about our economic system, and about the media they once depended on for honest information. It’s no wonder. ‘Business as usual’ has given us…

  • Endless wars
  • An elitist brand of economics that has funneled all the nation’s wealth to the top fraction of one percent of the very rich
  • Roads, bridges and rail infrastructure that are dangerously deteriorated
  • Energy policies that massively subsidize dirty, climate killing fossil fuels
  • A continuing, reckless plundering of our Earth’s rapidly diminishing resources.

Citizen Sluts are not opposed to Capitalism, or market economics.  We are against the fundamentally unfair, predatory brand of capitalism and economics that has shredded the American middle class over the past four decades.  Our democracy needs a big time reset. For that to happen, we must start by turning back the corporate conservative assault on the voting rights of average Americans.  Voter suppression is a shameful assault on our Constitutional right to participate in our election process. Making our politics work is about much more than just fixing election law and restoring the right to vote.  We need a Constitutionally mandated end to the fraud known as ‘Corporate personhood’.  We must have a 28th  Constitutional Amendment, and it must say…

  • Corporations are artificial legal constructs; they are not persons, nor are they entitled to human rights.
  • Money is a form of property. It is not a form of speech,

Citizen Sluts support ‘Power to the People’, through a 28th Constitutional Amendment. Ridding our politics of dirty money and influence is the single most important thing we can do to restore genuine democracy to America, and to shape a future that is politically transparent, life-affirming and sustainable.